The Collected Race Reports

Races have been run.  Tears have been shed.  There have been failures.  There have been successes.  And they are all available to review, in their gory, unpleasant detail, below… 

Lake Placid 2013 saw me finally cross the finish line of an Iron Distance race, though there was a substantial amount of hand wringing during that particular event as the outcome was in serious doubt.  I’ve never felt simultaneously as good or as bad as I did staggering across a finish line as I did here.

AmZof 13 v2 is the chronicle of my shocking third place finish for my age group in the Middle Distance event at the AmZof which, for those who have never heard of this thing before (roughly 98.4% of you), is a horrific duathlon held in the Catskills that is indescribably tough.

Devilman 2013 was my warmup race for 2013

Ironman NYC RG is quite frankly the hardest race report I ever wrote, and for that reason is probably my best one (that said, I still have difficulty reading it).  I collapsed midway through the run and did not finish, a very bitter pill for me to swallow given my strong belief that I would finish, and my sense that I had let a lot of people down (not the least of which was myself).  For anyone else who has suffered a DNF, probably a therapeutic read.

Patriot Half 2012 was my NYC tune-up and it went very well.

American Zofingen was my first crack at AmZof, in 2012, where I finished dead last and it was a miracle I even finished at all.

Bikram Neophyte is for those of you who are wondering what Bikram Yoga is like, and who are wondering what it is like to collapse during a class.

Organ Pipe Failure – so, this isn’t really a race but a “fun run” that I decided to do, in the Sonoran Desert on a day where, depending on the wind chill, it was anywhere from 35 to 75 degrees.  Not my best idea, really, as evidenced by me taking a little pavement nap in the parking lot of the Visitor’s Center at Organ Pipe National Monument.

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