11/21… We have found inner peace. Maybe.


We have travelled from northern Quebec to Niagara Falls to New York to Washington, through the Shenandoah Valley, south to Pensacola Beach and then west to Texas.  At the moment, we’re in New Mexico, having just left the backcountry of Big Bend National Park, a huge and wild place, a place where tarantula sightings are so commonplace the girls now blithely step over them, and the last time I had an opportunity to bathe myself it was in the Rio Grande itself… three days ago.

A lot has happened, obviously, and I will work hard to fill in the gaps.

That said, the following entries will not be as chronological as they might have been, as I work backward through my notes and memories and my writing, as ever, is subject to being pulled by the muses in all directions…

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