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  1. Great description of a lovely time. RK and I left Loreto and heeded north again. We decided we didn’t want to loose our mirror to another truck so crossed the dreaded road to Coco’s Corner and on to the east side of the Baja. That road was a challenge! 50 miles of rocks and if not rocks, washboard and dirt. Finally on the coast where we had some other choices for roads north out of Mexico to Arizona and on up to Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to catch the ferry home to Alaska. We’ll be leaving on the Feb 28th ferry. It was so wonderful meeting you folks. Our time on the beaches was special. Have a great trip! We’ll be following your adventures!

    • Cherry, how great to hear from you and we’re proud of you for getting The Big White Bus over that terrain! Just yesterday we were thinking of you folks as we were drinking the lemongrass tea that RK got for you in error and then left with us – Val brewed up a batch and we’ve been enjoying it, iced, on the road into Ciudad Constitucion. We met up here with Alex and Ashek and, pending Alex mending up from a stomach bug, we’re off into the mountains tomorrow to track down a couple of ruined monasteries. All of us miss traveling with yourself and RK, don’t be surprised if we end up on your front doorstep some day…

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