Rogue’s Gallery: Agua Verde

It’s not all apocalyptic windstorms, you know…

2 thoughts

  1. Love the hair and beard – safe to say that you have gone native. Looks like you’ve found a slice of paradise with an ocean view. Really enjoying monitoring your adventure. Stay safe.

  2. VAL! ROBBIE! LEONIE! SYLVIE! We miss you all. The trip home was gorgeous and we did Guadalupe Canyon to our most thorough delight. Baja seems so far away, and yet still so near in my heart. Oregon has welcomed us, as did mountains of oranges limes and avocados we brought home. So many we are still relishing in their near tropical flesh. The posts are great and it’ fun to still be a part of your journey, even from here. Cant wait to read more. Love you guys.
    Steph and Abbie and Feral.

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