The Bad Parenting Playbook: Shots With Dad

If you don’t teach them, who will?

After a grueling day of snorkeling and chasing after puffer to try to agitate them enough to make them actually puff, we decided it was time for a cocktail.  Typically, this means a beer for dad and a juice for the ladybugs, but we’re in Mexico for the love of mercy and it was high time to go native.  So, I set the ladies up with some limes, salt, and a decent slug of the local apple soda that has been delighting their little palates for the past few weeks, and just to keep everyone honest, got myself a healthy pour of the 100% liquid crazy Val and I keep on hand for emergencies down here.

You can only really learn by doing, and, after talking them through the execution (“Guys, get the salt first, it helps to lick your hand to make it stick, then drink, then the lime wedge…”) we dove in and after a couple rounds, I can say we all felt pretty good.

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