Forty Four…

A lot of birthdays are taking place in Mexico for this band of travelers, with Sylvie ringing in her sixth and Leonie treating us to the majesty of The Ocho, and a few days my own clock turned over for the forty-fourth time, which is sobering.

As of May first, my lovely wife finds herself attached, for better or worse, to a grey-whiskered forty four year old man badly in need of a haircut, some new shoes, and a freshwater shower.

My birthday was a Mexico classic, combining travel through a wind and dust storm so bad we were losing sight of the viciously unimproved road to Coco’s Corners (Coco himself seemed concerned about our ability to continue), followed by a fabulous beachfront celebration at Gonzaga Bay, in the company of brand new friends John and Cheryl, and their two lovely dogs (in turn, pounced on by our two lovely girls).

It provoked a decent amount of reflection, of course, as a number like 44 places you squarely in the back half of your life, but tough to find many regrets to dwell on when you’ve spent the last nine months enjoying the company of your wife and your kids, seeing places and things that certainly the girls, to this point, could only have dreamed about.

More detailed journal entries to follow as we process our time in Mexico (over four months!) but we crossed back into the US yesterday, decamped to a little hotel in Phoenix so we can resupply (we badly need things like shoes, and shirts) and will make our way north with the ultimate goal being to attend the Overland Expo in Flagstaff in the middle of the month where Red Beauty will be a featured vehicle and we’ll get to mingle with fellow overlanders, which we’re very much looking forward to.

I want to take advantage of the high speed internet here at the hotel, so here’s a gallery of the past few weeks:

2 thoughts

  1. Happy belated birthday,for sure we miss you a lot, Mateo feels lonely now at the park He is the only kid in the block!! and can wait for you to come back in fact He was asking me how far is New York?I think he is going to star walking pretty soon to NY I have been enjoying your blog,it is amazing good for you that you could do it,keep having fun, be safe and happy travels, thank you for sharing!! We love ya and miss ya. Is and Mateo

  2. Happily following your blog! Happy Birthday to you and your kiddos, their smiling faces are the best type of present any parent could ask for. Hope to meet up with you all at the Expo! Safe travels!

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